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Alternative Health Juice


Chemicals in bodies. Back int he 80's, like many others, my father swore by a spoonful of a popular traditional root tonic drink that was sold in Malaysia. He even thought it was good idea for my sister to a small sip of it. Fortunately my sister vehemently refused because the tonic was later found to contain many illegal stimulants including anabolic steroids.

I often wondered about how the drugs in the tonic would have wrecked havoc on my sister's mind and body if she had taken the tonic. I painted this series of canvases to depict the potencial turmoil at the cell level of my sister's body tissue in reaction to the chemicals in the tonic.

My Body Is A Temple..., But Not In That Way


This series was inspired by my childhood nostalgia for my early encounters with art.

The first formal paintings I saw were temple paintings in Buddhist and Hindu temples. Symmetry was a common theme with the paintings of gods that made them seem worthy of worship and powerful-looking even to a small child.

I visualise memories and experiment with naive techniques I would have used as a child, like squish painting and finger painting, to play with symmetry and stretch its associations with the human body and perfection. My ambition is to create a new ‘temple’ with my memories of the religious artefacts in a series of paintings.

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