Sophie Teh is a painter and installation artist who is interested in showing simple forms in non-predictable ways. Familiar objects and patterns are used in her art to explore her interest in visual perception and how cultural conditioning and personal memories influence how we perceive and react to visual stimuli. Her work contains material references that are influenced by her earlier career in architecture.

Teh’s art plays with both abstract and figurative themes and neo-objects are employed to further push assumptions and the imagination.  Forms and colours are used to invite interpretations and dialogues and they are meant to ignite associations and emotions that would be different to each viewer. Her art poses questions about what our attention is drawn to. She believes that we cognitively and perceptually mesh with painting, and that there’s a mutual activation. The resulting experience is generative.

The British/Malaysian artist lives and works in Barcelona.


Born 1975, Ipoh, Malaysia

Currently living and working in Barcelona, Spain 


2019-2020      Turps Banana Correspondence 

2011 -2013       London Business School, MBA

2004-2005      The Bartlett, University College London. Architecture Part III

1996-2001       University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur. Bachelor of Architecture


Group Shows

2020    Door to Door, virtual exhibition organised by ArtAviso and LITEHAUS Gallery, Berlin

2019    Freixas Free, La Gloria Factoria de Arte, L'Hospitalet de Llobregat

2019    Progressing Painting, Slade School of Art, London

2010    After Redundancy, RIBA, London

Collections and Commissions

On The Bullet Train I-IV. Hotel 1882, Barcelona. Commissioned 2017

Pivot. Private collection, Paris. Acquired 2018.

Girl With Frame. Private collection, Barcelona. Commissioned 2018.

Zeus & Leda. Private collection, Barcelona. Commissioned 2018.

Red, Black and White. Private collection, Berlin, Acquired 2019.

David Bowie Lives in All of Us, Hotel 1882, Barcelona. Commissioned 2019

© 2020 by Sophie Teh.