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Sophie Teh is a painter who is interested in depicting familiar forms in unusual ways. In her paintings, recognisable objects and patterns are manipulated to explore how cultural conditioning and personal memories influence how we perceive and react to visual stimuli. Her work contains references from her earlier career in architecture and her South-East Asian Chinese culture.


As part of Teh's artistic investigation, she paints from her personal cultural memories. Having lived outside of Asia for almost 20 years, she draws from the ‘otherness’ of her Malaysian roots. Teh's work mines this cultural tension to generate work that challenges racial and cultural stereotypes.


The artist's work plays with both abstract and figurative themes. Neo-objects are employed to further push assumptions and the imagination.  Forms and colours are used to invite interpretations and dialogues and they are meant to ignite associations and emotions in the viewer. Teh believes that we cognitively and perceptually mesh with painting, and that there is a mutual activation. The resulting experience of this is generative and pushes viewers towards an understanding of their experiences.


Teh was born in Ipoh, Malaysia and currently lives and works in Barcelona and London.

IMG_8429 copy.jpg


Born 1975, Ipoh, Malaysia


2019-2020      Turps Banana, Correspondence Course

2011 -2013       London Business School, MBA

2004-2005      The Bartlett, University College London. Architecture Part III

1996-2001       University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur. Bachelor of Architecture

Solo Shows

2022    'Have You Eaten Yet?", Mutuo Galeria, "Barcelona 

2021    Objects of Desire, Smallest Gallery in Soho, London 

Group Shows

2022   SWAB Seed, Tangent Projects, SWAB Art Fair, Barcelona

2021.   Bridge for Art, Bridge48, Barcelona

2021.   In Absentia, Cohort Art, virtual exhibition 

2020   Door to Door, LITEHAUS Gallery with Art Aviso, Berlin

2019    Freixas Free, La Gloria Factoria de Arte, L'Hospitalet de Llobregat

2019    Progressing Painting,, Slade School of Art,  London

2010    After Redundancy, RIBA,  London


2022    Provoking Thought,  Metal Magazine

2022    Exploring Cultural Memories,

2022    Sophie Teh, Contra Viento y Marea,

2021     Artist interview,
2020    First Issue - 13 artists, Ever_Emerging_Mag

Collections and Commissions

Cronos Madrid

Hotel 1882, Barcelona

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