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I became an artist later in life although I recall drawing and painting from an early age.

Coming from a working class Chinese family in Malaysia, I set aside my art when I started going to school. I won a scholarship to read architecture in university in Kuala Lumpur and after graduation moved to London in search of work and to live in my favourite art and design city.

As time went by, I started to drift further from making art. When the financial crisis hit, I went to business school after being made redundant, to find a new way to support myself. 

The turning point came when I met a family friend at my grandfather’s funeral who told me he got into oil painting after retirement and later established himself as an artist in his 70s. The encounter gave me the motivation I needed to make art again after all these years.

Returning to my childhood passion made me reflect on the contrasts between my life in Malaysia and outside. As I began to appreciate my experiences as an immigrant a few times over, I use this to inform my artistic investigation which revolves around identity and cultural perception.

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