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Media saturation is the theme I wanted to explore in this series  and I wanted to explore painting in the context of social and news media.

During the lockdown  I felt inundated by how much was going on in the world and how I was being bombarded with news via social media.. Every day I saw news, real and fake about Brexit, Covid-19, Black Lives Matter, 5G, Trump and other headline news mixed in with other social media content like vegan recipes, make up videos and cute puppies. I noticed the shortening of my attention span in this time. So, I painted this series of paintings to reflect my impatient and overwhelmed state of mind, all on manageably-sized 46x38cm canvas boards, to be displayed in a way similar to Instagram’s grid. I permitted myself to paint whatever came to mind. I painted quite quickly.

“Feed’ is also my opinion that we are no longer allowed the luxury of viewing anything singularly when we interact with social and news media.

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